the data Lab:

grassroots data collection from the front lines of climate impact

what is the data lab?

The Data Lab is where we lead teams of adventurers as citizen scientists. We provide the equipment for water contamination testing, species monitoring, surf break water sampling, and more. We train each group of adventurers for each citizen science Data Lab.  Each Data Lab is designed specifically to meet the expressed needs of the community we are visiting.  


We partner with some amazing citizen science technology creators, so you will have the raddest experience possible. For example, we will monitor sea turtles hatchlings on their epic voyage from the sand to the sea, and then paddle out for a surf. We will use SmartFins, a surfboard fin that collects important data about the ocean while you surf. While you are ripping waves, you will be collecting important data about the temperature, ph balance, and salinity of the ocean you love. 

how can i participate in the data lab?

Ready to jump in? Join us on one of our Adventures! Check out the Adventure itineraries to see specific Data Lab activities for each location or check out the upcoming Data Labs. 


Researching Marine life by the beach and
Purple sea urchins on rocks near ocean.