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citizen climate science

grassroots data collection from the front lines of climate impact

What is citizen climate science?

Citizen science is a guerrilla style of science.  Citizens take part in data collection so that scientists have more information to analyze, and can have a better understanding of the changing environment. Citizen science activates volunteers (like you!) as grassroots climate scientists.

Why do we need citizen climate science?


Climate data is being erased, manipulated, and silenced by climate deniers- just when we need it most. And climate scientists can't be everywhere - they need our help. That is why the citizen science movement is crucial: we must continue to produce open source scientific data so that we can understand the complex impacts of the changing climate. Together, we can grow our collective understanding about the changing climate. 

SS4S citizen science projects

We engage in a variety of citizen climate science projects. We partner with some amazing citizen science technology creators, so you will have the raddest experience possible. For example, we will monitor sea turtles hatchlings on their epic voyage from the sand to the sea, and then paddle out for a surf. We will use SmartFins, a surfboard fin that collects important data about the ocean while you surf. While you are ripping waves, you will be collecting important data about the temperature, ph balance, and salinity of the ocean you love.  Check out our new Wave Watchers program and join a global community of ocean monitors by using our virtual surf log! 

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