The story Lab:

stories from the front lines of climate impact


What is the Story Lab?

The Story Lab is our citizen climate journalism program. It is a virtual story-telling platform. We interview folks about the environmental changes they are witnessing and record their stories about how the oceans are changing and why it matters. We document and share these stories as Story Shorts, short films, and articles. Through The Story Lab, we are elevating intersectional stories of climate impact. These are not just stories about ecological change, but also about social, cultural, and political changes being driven by climate change and environmental contamination. In The Story Lab, we explore the ways in which relationships between humans and the environment are evolving as a result of climate change. 


The Story Lab is focused on a source of expert experiential knowledge about the changing oceans- surfers! Surfers are ocean watchers. Because of this, surfers are an incredible source of knowledge about the changes happening in the oceans and coastal areas. Contamination, development, changing marine life, warmer water, monster waves, dead zones - surfers not only see it, they experience it. 


We combine stories of change from surfers with input from climate experts and other forms of knowledge, interviewing thought leaders, researchers, and scientists. Through this knowledge bridging process,  we co-produce a more textured understanding of climate change and how it is impacting coastal communities.

how can I participate in the story lab? 

Ready to jump in? 

1) Join us on one of our Adventures and be a citizen journalist with the Story Lab! Each Story Lab feature explores a paradise under threat from impacts of climate change or contamination. Part of your time will be spent enjoying this paradise, and part of your time will be spent protecting it by recording stories of climate impact. (Our in-person Adventures are postponed due to COVID-19, but check out ways to participate virtually!)

2) Share your story! Are you a surfer who is willing to tell us what you see when you surf? Your voice is important. Contact us and help us tell the story of how the oceans are changing and why it matters.

3) Share your research! Are you a researcher who is willing to share your climate expertise? Contact us and help us tell the story of how the oceans are changing and why it matters.